Enable Internet Explorer in Windows 11

Publish Date: April 4, 2022

Enable Internet Explorer in Windows 11

The all new Windows 11 has now been released globally and a lot of people have already updated their systems. I hope you’re enjoying the new experience in Windows 11. You might have already discovered that in latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has disabled the Internet Explorer (IE). However, in Windows 10 you could go to the optional windows features and enable Internet Explorer optional feature. After enabling IE optional feature, you could use it; of course you will occasionally get nagged about switching to Edge but IE can still be used in Windows 10.

In Windows 11 unfortunately, Internet Explorer cannot be enabled anymore. Microsoft is now strictly pushing everyone to use their chromium-based Edge browser. Microsoft Edge works really great by the way, but there are still some folks out there who might miss old IE due to various reasons. One of the main reason is the support of some really old network devices like modems, routers, CCTV or some old business web apps that only work in Internet Explorer. If you do have such devices or web apps, I will show you a trick to enable Internet Explorer (IE) mode right within Microsoft Edge browser. This way, you could add the URLs of such devices and Edge will open them in IE compatibility mode.

Enable Internet Explorer Mode in Edge

To enable IE mode, open Edge Settings, navigate to Default browser tab, and then select Allow dropdown under the option Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode. You will need to Relaunch your Edge browser and when it is relaunched, click on Add button and then add the URLs of all the legacy devices or web apps that you want to open in Internet Explorer mode. See the following screenshot for reference:

Enable IE mode in Edge in Windows 11
Enable IE mode in Edge in Windows 11

Once you do that, you can type the URL in Edge browser and notice that the webpage will open in IE compatibility mode.

Enabling IE compatibility mode in Edge

I know it is just a little workaround and does not give you a full old Internet Explorer feature but it comes in handy if you happen to have a few old devices or web apps that only work in Internet Explorer. Until we have some other method of enabling IE in Windows 11, you could use this trick and keep accessing those old devices with Edge browser in Windows 11.

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