Android Firmware

Publish Date: June 9, 2015

Android Firmware

In Electronic Systems and computing, Firmware is the permanent software programmed into a read-only memory, e.g. an integrated circuit. As a result, firmware usually cannot be modified during normal operation of the device.

More simple firmware is usually stored on ROM, while more complex firmware occupy flash memory to allow for updates. Common reasons for updating firmware include fixing bugs or adding features to the device. Doing so usually involves loading a binary image file provided by the manufacturer into the device, according to a specific procedure.

Sony Mobiles Inc. stores the firmware file in the form of FTF files.

Create your own FTF Files for Sony Xperia Smartphone


  • FlashTool
  • XperiFirm
  • Internet Connection
In order to create own FTF files for your phone, you will need FlashTool and XperiFirm software but latest version of FlashTool has XperiFirm already integrated. If you have old version of FlashTool and do not want to update it, you can download the XperiFirm seperately from here. FlashTool can be downloaded from here.
This guide is divided into 2 sections; i.e. XperiFirm Section and FlashTool Section. Follow the instructions carefully.

XperiFirm Section:

 1. Select your handset on the left pane. You can then choose the firmware for your region/carrier in the middle pane. The pane on the right side will show you which firmware is available for that region. Click on it to download the file.
2. You will find a number of files starting with ‘FILE’ in the download location. Please take note of this location. If this folder include ‘fwinfo.xml’ then manually delete it before continuing to the flashtool section. If you do not delete this file, your FTF will not work, it will corrupt.

Flashtool Section:

 1. Launch Flashtool
2. Click Tools – Bundles – FILESET Decrypt.
3. In Source Folder, Browse for the location of files you have noted in Step 2 of XperiFirm Section.
4. Select All files under Available files column and hit -> arrow to move all files to convert column and then click Convert. This can take a few minutes so please be patient and wait till it is completed. After this is complete, a new Bundler window will pop up automatically. If it does not, you can manually open Bundler by going Tools –- Bundles — Create.
5. Select the ‘Device’ box which will bring up a box allowing you to select your device. You can then type in the region in Branding field and the build number in version field.
6. Under Folder List, select all files except files with .ta extension and hit -> button to move selected files to right side and click Create button. This is very important to exclude .ta files else you could brick your phone.
7. Flashtool will now start parsing files and once complete you can look for your newly create FTF file in Firmwares folder.
You can now flash the newly created FTF File into your device using FlashTool.

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